Sunday, March 26, 2006

What have I done?

I woke up this morning, and I seriously had to spend about 10 minutes in bed, trying to seperate out what I had dreampt and what was actually reality. My past few days have honestly been that crazy.
And then I realized that I have been a moron, in more ways then one, and about so many things.
I've judged, I've put myself in danger. I've been irresponsible when I should KNOW BETTER. I've put things off so long that they can no longer be fixed. I've been angry for no reason. I've been angry for a reason and been to immature to confront the person about it. I've taken advantage of people. I've purposely made people feel akward and/or offended. I've spent too much money. I'm failing a class. I take my friends and family for granted. I've partied too much. I've been a hypocrite, and I've thought that I'm better than others.
And that's only part of the list...
So, for anyone I've hurt, taken for granted, taken advantage of, offended, been angry at, or felt superior than...I'm sorry. I truely am.
What this has to do with the general topic of the blog, is that this is the best way for me to apologize. Better yet, maybe someone out there will read this, and give me some sound advice. Because, I could surely use some...


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