Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Can I just mention that I truly enjoy the internet? This may not be so profound, but the statement is true all the same. Despite pop-up and banner ads, spam, and viriuses, the internet is still so incredibly accessable.
In the past fifteen minutes, I checked my mail, checked the weather report, read the latest headlines, did a little research for two different classes, talked to three friends, updated my personal profile on facebook, sent out a few messages to people I need to meet with...all in a minimal amount of time. Just the amout of research I did would have taken me hours to do in a library, and even then, the information would probably have been severly outdated. All the communication to my friends, advisor, parents, and my brother were done almost simultaniously, where I would have probably spent hours on the phone.
And did I mention this was all free?


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