Monday, January 23, 2006

The Smart House

So, I've been thinking about this idea which came up in discussion on Friday, about the fully integrated house. Imagine, everything in the home running either on a timer or by remote control. Granted, this technology would save a lot of time, but what are we losing? I, for one, would like to wake up and have my shower already running, my blinds already opened, and my coffee brewing; but I also know that I am not a morning person, and at some base level, need that morning work routine to being to function decently. So not only are the benefits, at least for me, drawn from having a hot shower, drinking fresh coffee, and seeing the sun shining out of my window, but I also need to create those things for myself...I need to, in a sense, lure myself into thinking about what I am doing and going to do.
I guess what I'm asking is: is the potential for a "smart house" really beneficial for the consumer?


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