Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's amazing how digital technology is changing the way we document the world around us. For example, I was at a party over the weekend. Usually at parties, someone has a camera, and snaps a few photos, but not too many because, well, film and film processing is rather costly, and spending a whole lot of money on a bunch of drunken photos where the fingers are covering the lens half the time is not a good investment of time or money.
Now enter the digital camera.
I personally do not own a digital camera (I don't like the delay, and I enjoy developing my own photos in a darkroom), but my friends do. The day after the party, there were literally 187 photographs of this party. That's a lot of pictures, which don't cost anything to share (since all 187 pictures are now proudly displayed over the internet on my friend's website). I have free access to the photos: meaning I can print them off, save them to my computer, share them with my friends and family, get them developed in the traditional method. 187 memories, if you will, where, had it not been for the technology, I'd probably have two or three pictures at the most.


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